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Reinventing Pharma/ Healthcare PPM

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for a Post-Covid World

16th December 2020


Exclusive Online Event for PPM Toolbox Ecosystem

The corona-virus pandemic has reached into every corner of our personal and professional lives. The world has turned on its head, making obvious not so obvious any longer while forcing innovations and change in every area of our lives.
For us at EBCG, our annual PPM Toolbox conferences have long been an important way to stay in touch with the ecosystem of our pharma and healthcare professionals across both continents. And therefore, we go on-line. This time, for the first time, not only we’ll meet virtually but also we will bring our European and American audiences together.
In this first edition, nine Top Project & Portfolio experts from Top pharma and biotech companies are stepping in to present and discuss real-life examples and experiences, share their know-how, and answer all your questions.

Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.


John McGrath

Course Director MSc Project Management

Mark Christopulos

Head of Business Portfolio – Senior Directo

Gerrit Buurman

Director Project Management
0 (8)

Rich Sonnenblick


Sachin Raje

Strategy Realization Office,
MRL Global Medical Affair

Gordon Topping

Head of R&D Program and Project Management

Tom Halliwell

Director, Global Program Leader – Oncology

Sunny Kwon

Associate Director, Center of Operational Performance

Magnus Ytterstad

Head of Decision Analytics

Vartika Parikh

Collaborative Work Management Solutions Sales Lead

Rich Sonnenblick

0 (11)

Denise Moody

Head of Business Process Management and Optimisation

4 Hours

10 Experts

11 Sessions


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